As one of the developers of Dream Reality Cinema and as the writer of this blog, I welcome you all into the world of dreaming! Let me briefly introduce myself: I am a physician.  Originally I worked as a pathologist trainee, the experiences and lessons I learnt during my course has proved to be useful to this very day. It has given me a broad overview of possible scenarios and problem solving techniques and the opportunity to learn from great teachers. I am extremely grateful for that experience and training. After finishing my studies and work there, I had a successful Medical Sexology Practice: using my own invention titled the ‘Orgasm Service Clinic’ to teach clients tools and techniques for their lives.  During this time I was also a leader and teacher at the Hungarian school for EOS (Expert – Operator – System) training students.  My partner Sándor Lengyel is the founder of Dream Reality Cinema and the director of the EOS INSTITUTE.

It was through his research and experience of complex systems and cybernetics, that he first approached the topic of personal development through dreaming. We both owe most of our successes to lucid dreaming.  We can even “dream” while we are awake and have incorporated this knowledge into our teachings and the medical treatments I provide. We currently live and work in L.A and maintain one DRC center in Budapest.

Even though the DRC center opened only a couple of months ago, there is an increasingly significant growth in the traffic flow at our Budapest office. We are beginning to receive significant attention from our guests through letters and online posts. Among them multiple people have have sent us some useful observations. We are delighted to see how many guests are responding in a good way to this innovation and are willing to approach their lives in a new way. Guests eagerly ask us what they will see when visiting us and what they will get from us, whether it is possible to bring back what was once lost? Is it possible to get into dimensions and states so far not experienced or perhaps recapture previously experienced lucid dreams?


The DRC in Budapest; The Sanctuary of Our Dreams

Those who regularly visit us express to us every week how exciting their experiences are. Both through writing and sitting down with us for a weekly talk. You can also read these reviews in the testimonials section on our website; and even if there might be some unsatisfied participants, reviews from those guests will also be available to read. This information is both interesting and useful for a new or returning guest and we encourage our participants to share with us opinions, questions, experiences, personal successes and any conscious dreams, on our website or on our Facebook page.

You may ask what are the various topics in the correspondences that we get from our guests?  For one thing, it is extremely inspiring for me that I am able to help our guests out by answering intimate, challenging questions and listed below are a few that I’ve already had the pleasure of answering.


Questioner: I am interested in coming in and participating in a personalized program. I was once an experienced lucid dreamer but unfortunately lately I do not have the opportunity and the time to practice this technique and therefore feel I have lost the skill. I read a post today on your blog where Peter interviewed Sandor and if I understood it correctly, with your technique I will be able to achieve lucid dreaming once again? And secondly once I learn the technique I can continue to lucid dream more easily in the future even without your help?


Emese Tóth MD: The program is highly unique. Yesm you can further develop your already existing lucid dreaming skills with this program and develop those skills once again. This skill has always been in us and for those who feel they have never experienced conscious dreaming before or have never hear about its existence before can resurface this skill.  Nowadays it is the trendiest of super-sensory skills appearing in bestselling science-fiction books and popular films. Lucid dreaming today is considered a huge gift and talent.

Today when we learn ancient sciences acquiring similar results to DRC, we do not consider them trendy but rather worthy of our respect. In each of these cases we are talking about another reality different from our everyday reality. This is not only interesting or fashionable, but necessary. Almost everybody would like to live an extraordinary and unique life, capable of achieving things beyond our everyday thoughts and experiencing beyond our everyday life. Basically anything you dream can happen. This is what we will teach.



Our Robotic Everyday Life Cannot Even Get Close to the DRC Moviegoer’s life.

Questioner: The woman who welcomed me at the DRC center was very nice and professional. However she made me feel a bit uncertain when she told me that every time I experience DRC, the same “movie” will be played for me. I returned home and I looked up what I had read about the program, and once again it was my understanding that this is the 0th program and there are more in development. I am not sure what dictates the pace of this progression? Do I understand it correctly that for example, after the xth occasion I will not be doing the same meditation?

Emese Tóth MD: The Dream Meditation Program repeats the same film each time because the meditation requires an unaltered repetition for further development. It is used regularly, not only because of the information it contains but also because of its effect. It is not permitted to be modified but repeated exactly the same way. Any technique works because of repetition. The willing to allow it to affect your subconscious, will also allow it to give you something new just as it is and soon enough it will also bring back the possibility of lucid and creative dreaming. You can also expect to experience subtle “miracles” while you go to sleep back at your home. Later on as you continue your viewing, you will experience a complete transformation and you will be able to lucid dream even when you are awake. However to achieve that level, multiple sessions are required and a much clearer mind than the everyday messy one.

There will be new DRC programs to help further development and the content and target of those will vary. Repetition of those will also be required. It is always important to continue to practice the Dream Meditation and it would be good to include it among the other programs from time to time as a “mind cleaner”. This is the main purpose of the meditations.

There are no rules on how much Dream Meditation you’ll need to do before you can move on to the other programs, however the other programs are not yet available. Still in saying that, programs are in development and nobody will be left behind to stagnate on the same level because of this. Those who have been practicing Dream Meditations regularly for months are continuously experiencing new and increasingly more progressive successes. Each of us has a lot of stuff to clean, those we have accumulated over the years.  The Dream Meditation Program is the first step in this cleansing.

Questioner: During my DRC experiences I was continuously afraid of this strange voice talking to me on the program’s film and the first few times I read the words on the screen.  Later the voice actually calmed me and I managed to follow the meditation step-by-step without the help of the visual cue.  The same night my approach to the meditation changed, I had a very simple dream. Yet what was interesting-  as far as I remember – I was able to pre-anticipate a certain event in my dreams and it happened exactly as I consciously thought about it before I slept that night.

Emese Tóth MD: We have seen and heard about similar results with other people as well. Real events can also be dreamed in advance and it is likely that this was what happened with you and one of our guests. Until then he did not even remember that he dreamt at all, but now he dreams a lot and in a very short time he achieved a similar extraordinary experience.