The other day I dreamed that I was walking in the woods and saw two donkeys, one of which was biting off a pig’s head. With the pig’s head in its mouth it started galloping towards me and I was forced to flee. As I was running I noticed this wild boar cub: knowing that its mother was a wild animal, I did my best to avoid it.

But it was too late… I saw the mother boar come out of the forest, and all the while I was aware that the only way I could defend myself was by doing nothing. I froze; the boar, confused, stopped about a foot in front of me, and I suddenly woke up. Throughout the dream I wasn’t aware of the fact that I was dreaming, and yet I was able to make a conscious decision.

In my daydreams I would also like to set off somewhere… A little bit farther though: I would choose South America as my destination.