I don’t remember my dreams, but I do daydream in my waking hours. I study at two universities: ELTE and Corvinus; and I’d like to get a scholarship to study abroad. My dream is to travel to Turkey or to the USA and then come home. (more…)

A lot of my dreams are about my father whom I lost 5 years ago. My dreams always determine what my day is going to be like. I had it happen a few times that I dreamed about future things that would happen to my loved ones. My dreams are often very real and closely related to my real life. Right now I’m working in a cafeteria. I don’t dream about being rich, I just dream about a happy future in which I can have a loving and prosperous life with my family.

We’ve come here from France because our dream is to travel around the Earth. 🙂 We also take our dogs with us everywhere we go.

I can daydream all day long… I sit in the shade under the tree and I do statistics. What should I dream about? I’d like a new car I think. When I was younger I dreamed often: when I was going on vacation, I fell asleep very excited and dreamed about the vacation. These days unfortunately I don’t remember what I dream about at night.

I’ve been writing music for a year now because my dream is to become a famous music producer one day. My summer job is not really related to this – I am selling ice cream – but I know that I am getting closer and closer to my dream every day.

My dreams are very extreme: they have absolutely nothing to do with my real life. They always take place in beautiful places, but I have absurd things happen to me: my teeth fall out, for example, or my body breaks up into small pieces.

My daydreams, though, are completely different. I daydream about gorgeous food, a bigger apartment, men, cars… I think I’m actually dreaming about a wealthy chef. 🙂

The other day I dreamed that I was walking in the woods and saw two donkeys, one of which was biting off a pig’s head. With the pig’s head in its mouth it started galloping towards me and I was forced to flee. As I was running I noticed this wild boar cub: knowing that its mother was a wild animal, I did my best to avoid it.  (more…)

For me, dreams and reality sort of blend into each other. I never really let go of either one… I can’t go through the day without daydreaming, and at night my dreams are constructed out of my reality. As long as I live like this, I can be Virginia Woolf, have breakfast at Tiffany’s, or sing “The Way We Were” in a movie anytime I want, but according to my own book… Perhaps on Andrássy Avenue, and to my own Robert Redford. There are no boundaries!

I love to come out here to lie down. Often I fall asleep too: fresh air is very good for the brain, you know. Unfortunately, I rarely have dreams. But I daydream constantly! I look up at the blue sky and I dream up something beautiful. What would make me happiest in this world is if I had everything I long for.

I have only one recurring dream. I see a large body of black water and I’m lying in it naked. The most shocking part is that there is this big eye at the bottom of the lake and it’s watching me! I often release my aggression in my dreams: I have fights with my mom, for example.

One of my big dreams is to live by a lake in a pretty little log cabin, in the middle of a forest. 🙂