In my dreams I am usually in trouble: I dream that others are hurting, humiliating or being violent with me or people I know. Interestingly enough, people that are close to me rarely appear in my dreams.

During the day I daydream about meeting up with people I love. 🙂

I rarely remember my dreams. Even when I do remember, all I can recall is that there was some element in the dream that was connected to the happenings of the preceding day.

My great desire is to be able to do what I love and be successful at it.

In most of my dreams I am flying: but never with the help of a device, always through my own will. It often happens that a dream I’m having is so powerful that after waking I want to fall back asleep and continue dreaming it, but unfortunately I never succeed in doing this.

My biggest dream is to become a photojournalist and travel around the world.

Not long ago, in the summer heat, I went to bed while my hair was still wet. When I lay my head down I kept thinking it wasn’t such a good idea to lie down while my hair was wet because I’d fall asleep like that and my pillow would be soaked through. (more…)

At night I often dream about stuff that interests me in my everyday waking hours. These days I often think about how much I love this period in my life where on the one hand I’ve started my adult life, but on the other hand I still get to experience the carefreeness of youth in many respects. In connection with this, in my dreams I often see myself in this state: forever young, free, cheerful…, and I wish this would last forever.

It’s a comforting feeling to be playing music outdoors… I hope that I manage to cheer up the people that pass me by – although most of them just look through me. When I was younger, I wanted to be a famous musician. Unfortunately, now I’m a bit too old for such daydreams, but I still believe in miracles!

Oh, I am very active at night. Because I read a lot – like now, as you can see – I have a huge “database” to draw from. One could easily write a book based on my dreams…

Usually I dream about what I long for. As a child I was often “in love” with movie or cartoon characters and I always dreamed about them. Today, things have not changed, only the characters are now people from my own life story.

I love to dream, but I like daydreaming even more! I lie down, and before falling asleep I dream up all sorts of situations. Events of that given day, for example, in which I wish I’d acted differently. Sometimes I imagine myself as a character in a film… It would be so cool to be a superhero at least once!:)

There is this dream which had a very lasting impact on me. One night I came home very exhausted and went straight to bed. I managed to go down to Alpha, but I got stuck halfway between reality and dream. My room was occupied by a ghost and it kept throwing me around – it was as if I were flying. I woke up with a start and noticed that my whole body was numb.