I’ve lived in Budapest for about a year now – I came here to study, but I want to stay here forever! I absolutely love it here; my life has changed completely. Unfortunately, I don’t remember my dreams: all I can remember is whether the dream was good or bad.

At night I dream about the events of the preceding day and the people I’d met.

I have been dancing since I was 3 years old; I started with ballet, and now I’m studying modern dance in Győr. My biggest dream is to get accepted into the Dance Academy in Brussels.

I played water polo and swam for many years, which is probably why I used to have this recurring dream about being able to swim in the air.

These days my biggest dream is to have a happy family, a successful career and a harmonious and calm, yet also colorful life.

I often dream that I am a successful model. A few weeks ago I was contacted by a modeling agency, so one of my biggest dreams has actually come true!

A recurring nightmare of mine is that I go into a room and there is this large aquarium full of fish – some of them are dead. They are so cramped up in there, poor things, they’re barely able to move.  (more…)

It would be fantastic to live in Finland! 🙂 I’d like to play music and open an animal shelter.

I can rarely recall my dreams – I always think that I will remember them, but then somehow they get erased from my memory. I had this one dream a long time ago which had a deep impact on me. It took place on a cold winter evening: I went to the cemetery and I told my mother that I couldn’t put the Christmas tree in the tree stand. My mom tried to help, but I told her: “You can’t help, mom, you are dead.” I had this dream a long time after her death, and since then I haven’t dreamed about her.

I have a dream that keeps recurring again and again. In the middle of the dream it always dawns on me suddenly that I’d had this dream already. I’m in some strange place; I’m walking around in an enclosed space. I’m looking for the way out but I’ve never managed to find it.

At night I dream about love and about everyday events and people. Even during the day I live in a sort of dream world. I daydream about the world’s beauty and about life’s tiny pleasures.

It’s pretty weird, but ever since my partner mentioned we should move in together, I’ve been dreaming about a housewarming dinner. We invite our parents and friends over. Since I’m studying hospitality, this is something that’s close to my heart.