Ever since my childhood I’ve always slept very deeply and there are very few of those “in-between states” where I could have a chance to dream.

I have some recurring dreams, but I only become aware of them once I’m in the middle of the dream. It’s as if something were chasing me inside a closed school building, but I can’t see what or who it is.

In contrast, during the day I dream about romantic things and beautiful places.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because of a bad dream. Very often there’s a big dark house in my dreams. I have a task, I have to find something, but I don’t know what and where. It’s very scary! This strange, ominous feeling comes over me as I enter the house. It’s a bit like when you watch a horror movie and the girl goes down to the basement because she’d heard a noise, and you just know that something bad is going to happen. Before I have a chance to find out, I wake up. It’s probably for the best!:)

I remember my dreams quite often; I can even recall some dreams from my early childhood. Falling is a frequently recurring motif. There is a recurring scene in my dreams in which I dislocate my jaw: I open it wider than usual, and in the dream I can feel the pain. There’s no bleeding, but the sensation is very unpleasant. I used to have braces: I realized that this might be the reason behind this dream. The pain I feel in the dream is the same kind of pain I used to feel back then.

We adopted little Daisy after my grandmother’s death. At first I wasn’t crazy about the idea of having a puppy, but she has become very precious to me. I don’t remember my dreams in the morning, only some of the feelings I experience in them. Daisy, however, probably dreams a lot. Unfortunately, she can’t tell me about her dreams, but she often wakes up with a start because of a bad dream. Sometimes she runs in her dream… It’s so cute. At times like this she’s probably dreaming about a nice open field where she can run free.

Almost every week I dream about a forest. I looked it up in a dream book because I was very frustrated by not knowing why this kept on happening. If I can remember correctly, it means that someone is deceiving me and I don’t realize it, or something like that.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what to do with this information, but I always wonder who it might be or why my subconscious would want to send me this message. I am very interested in these things but unfortunately I’ve never had a chance to really dig deep into this subject matter.

I have this recurring nightmare in which I am being pursued on my way home. I’m trying to get away, and when I am nearly caught… I wake up.

In my dreams I relive everyday things. I go to concerts, meet up with friends, and I daydream about love.

Once I had a horrible dream that has really stuck with me. It was a nightmare… I was being boiled alive at my elementary school. 🙂 Sometimes shady figures appear in my dreams… When this happens I feel fear.

I rarely remember my dreams, and the ones I do remember are nightmares rather than dreams. They are quite varied – my brain is able to terrify me in a multitude of ways. :)

I daydream a lot, especially during boring lectures. I like to sing, so it would be fantastic to do something in this field in the long run. Another dream of mine is to live a life that I would be proud to look back on when I’m old.