I remember my dreams – I am very active at night. In my recurring dreams someone always dies. Another recurring theme is that I’m flying: this evokes very mixed emotions in me. Sometimes I am quite terrified while falling; this usually wakes me up.

I am studying management at college; I’d love to work at IKEA in upper management. Although every day I daydream about something else, it’s important to me to find the one thing that’s truly me.

When I dream, I always see myself from the outside. The vivid events unfold like scenes in a black-and-white movie – like in an old Marilyn Monroe flick.

I lived in New York for three years; I’ve only recently come home. During the time I was over there I felt quite alone and I had many-many dreams about my friends at home.

I remember that when I was little I realized I could control my dreams sometimes. I was running through empty space, but unfortunately I was running very slowly and this huge monster was chasing me.  (more…)

My dreams are rarely positive. In my recurring dreams I keep seeing these very charming men, but they are all headless, so I can never recall what they looked like the following day, even though I’d like to.

In my waking hours I dream about going to New York and saving up enough money for plastic surgery.

As a child I was terrified of homeless people and I often had dreams in which they attacked me and my mother. It’s amazing how big an impact our feelings have on our dreams.

At work I often daydream about the future, like I’m doing now. Many hairdressers dream about opening their own hair salon, but I am happy with things as they are… I like working here.

I came here from Turkey to see the city. I’d like to learn English – that way I could put my dreams into words!:)

I live in the Netherlands, but I came home to Hungary with my family. I don’t remember my dreams but I know that my little sister Adlien dreams about cartoon characters.

When I grow up, I want to work for the police force.

I dreamed that I was Elsa from Frozen and that ice grew out of my hand.

We flew here from London for a few days to see the city. We have many dreams. I want to learn rowing; Aysha wants to be a concert pianist and a composer. She is too shy to talk about her dreams, but I know that the other day she had a dream about performing in an arena in front of thousands of people. I know that she can do it!