What is the relationship between our dreams and our future? Is it possible to foredream our future? Is it possible that our dreams are based in reality?

The very same functions of our brain that are involved with dreaming may also be involved with how we unconsciously effect our future. We feed our minds with our unique experiences of the world, and find permanent storage with them through our dreams. It is through this way that they become part of our personal lives. What we are finding now is that we can alter our future through our dreams in a fully conscious manner and make our future better.  This consciousness is also called mindfulness.

In cases like this we can affect the outside through the inside. It is possible to change our outside world according to an individually designed plan.

Is this unique transformation of life, an already achieved thing for some? Is it a viable path?

Experiments have shown that if we help achieve lucid dreaming for this purpose and continue to gain a deeper development, we can reach our goals sooner and with greater results. Just as Christopher Nolan shows us in his film Inception (2010); the lucid dreaming reality.

Christopher Nolan, an avid explorer of Dream Reality and Lucid Dreaming has said, “Ever since dreams existed in my head, I was interested in lucid dreams. This happens when one is dreaming and suddenly realizes that it is actually a dream and starts to consciously manipulate things. This is the engine of the story of Inception. Such dreams always felt like a unique experience for me. They have played an important role throughout my whole life, ever since I was a kid. What the most exciting thing about it for me is, that one can create a whole new world while dreaming… From the point of view of the film story this was the most important recognition. This reveals a lot about the human brain and its creative power.”

How do we learn and develop this skill?

Until recently you could only develop it through experiments and experiences shared mainly on the internet or as a member of a lucid dreamers’ community. The above mentioned film and similar ones have advantageously contributed to the information spread, as we can read it in the posts. There are those who only learned about this ability thanks to the movies and in a matter of weeks they managed to achieve the initial success of conscious dreaming. Naturally a sufficient amount of literature has appeared on the subject and many dreamers have based their own studies on that.

Castaneda and Tholey are perhaps the most well-known teacher-researchers, but of course there are many more who have successfully researched dreaming and transferred their results. Well-known artists and scientist-creators have always been famous for their dreams.  Their dreams have led them to the creation of artwork and inventions, leading mankind from darkness to light. It would be a pity to debase this tool and consider it just a myth. Just as Nostradamus’ relationship to his dreams, lucid dreaming tends to build remote connections in time and space, connections that could help us get to the resources, gather the information there and bring it back.

Not long ago we started to realize a project conceived in our dreams and in April, 2014, a new dream cinema opened in Budapest. Today some people still look at it with suspicion. However even among all the skepticism and the suspicion the results are remarkable. People engaging in the DRC program are experiencing life changes, both personally and professionally, and sleeping better at night.  Others, who had never heard of lucid dreaming, are achieving successful conscious dreaming after only 5-10 cinema sessions!

The brain centers regenerate in about 3-5 weeks and surprise the participant for the first time in their lives with the realization that they are dreaming during their dreams. They see themselves from the outside as asleep and spontaneously start to control the events in their dreams. They do this in a completely natural manner even if until that very moment they were not able to access that skill. They find the solutions to their everyday tasks faster than before, even if it is based only on a single dream fragment that they recalled. In addition they sleep well and they dream on a daily basis, including those who have long been suffering from severe sleeping disorders.


Time for the Adventure!

The DRC, dream-reality cinema helps and develops dreaming using a sophisticated bio-cybernetic system to achieve its success. Sándor Lengyel – the inventor – lives and works in Los Angeles and is planning to launch newer programs and film in the upcoming year(s). His belief lies in the importance of leaving your comfort zone and using this highly sensitive system to focus on a deeper level of consciousness. The willingness to approach learning in a different way, a high level of service and technology all adds to DRC’s ability to achieve results.  Further programs from Hungary will reach the wider market in time to come.

The Dream Reality Cinema affects the brain by creating the basic conditions necessary for dreaming – even if those have been heavily damaged for quite some time. It is important for the brain to be able to regenerate. This cinematic approach teaches you how to dream consciously, because it provides information simply and directly in the films and helps the understanding and the development of lucid dreaming. Creative consciousness and mindfulness can be reached quickly and comfortably through using it. Raising self-guidance through our dreams to an even higher level is considered by many, one of the secrets for a continuously successful and happy life.