Why do conventional dreams and lucid dreams exist in the first place? How can we become lucid or conscious dreamers?

The Conventional Dream World

When we have an intense dream, our brain’s daytime working mode which is slow and energy depleting, switches to a nighttime working mode. What characterizes this? When having memorable dreams, you often experience sharp-sightedness, quick comprehension, a sense of courage and strength, your whole existence functions in harmony with the world it is living in, you exist on a higher plane of consciousness. These are still just considered your conventional dreams and they do not include anything you could not do or that could not happen to you when awake. What is however interesting about memorable or conventional dreams is that you begin to experience a change. The dreaming state gives us permission to allow changes in us and we begin to behave and think differently, sometimes we experience a more evolved way of thinking, something expansion.

What is the reason for that? What could cause this change?

Beyond the Material World

When sleeping our body can finally rest and is able to experience this rest in a multitude of uncomfortable positions, even sitting or standing if necessary. Some substance produced in the brain allows this. We can twist and turn but still remain sleeping. However, once we begin to dream, no matter how superficial it may be, our body remains completely relaxed, we do not move in the slightest way. During this dream state, the movement of our eyes reveals that we are observing and that our mind is active. This activeness changes our lives dramatically as we can live purely according to our brain’s abilities. Our bodies cannot interfere with us or limit us in any way.  For this time alone we are not restricted by anything in the physical world. We know through dreaming that we do not live our lives based on the laws of the body or matter, but live according to pure, undistorted information. The physical laws we adhere to in wakeful existence do not matter. In essence, our lives become limitless.

A way of life that strictly functions through information flow is not constrained by matter. It is not controlled by gravity or even by the limitations of previously acquired knowledge. The information about anything presently existing is already around us, in us. As this information penetrates us, it often passes through us unutilized and unknowingly, then leaves or get absorbed without noticing. As the old phrase goes: in one ear and out the other. The information transition is ineffective and nothing happens. But how could we utilize what we need out of this? How could we make sure that it does not get lost? Moreover, how could we choose what information we allow in and store, and what information we let pass through us?

Independence is the Key to Success

There is no need to write a software program that allows new information to enter our brain, because unlike a modern computer our brain writes these programs for itself.  It is similar to a computer in the way it works with information and “manufactures” programs. It is also capable of absorbing the information by itself.

Where do we get this information after all? The usual sources of information are those processed and published by others. We can perceive it through hearing and seeing: reading books, newspapers, watching movies, listening to music or to a speech. These are the artificial sources of communication, which get transmitted through the media or directly from person to person. This however is not the only and maybe not even the most efficient way of acquiring information. If it were, we would have to change it urgently. There is another way that’s possible.

The natural and much more efficient way of obtaining information is the direct, self-sufficient acquisition. That is, connecting to the raw, unprocessed, original information masses and copying or clearing the source. Completely independent from the media, books or other people. For those of us who were brought up in some kind of a school system, this idea might appear unsubstantiated.  However, thousands of experiments, over 50 years of countless scientific documentation and experience all prove one thing, that it is reasonable to say that humans can become completely self-reliant in regards to acquiring information. An organic way of doing this is dreaming, a natural state that has existed since the beginning of humanity. Research has found that after a while we no longer dream the previously heard, seen or experienced life but instead, we dream completely new ones, obtaining entirely new information and experiences. Perhaps this is evidence that we were all born to be free? Or that the divine order takes care of us all? Certainly there is various explanations and theories for. However, one thing cannot be argued: that knowledge about dreams can be made mainstream today.  If our educational systems allowed this knowledge into their teaching systems and did not try to hide or delegitimize it as nonsense or a fairy tale, people would recognize the power in dreaming and be able to use it in their lives. And for the few who do discover this knowledge about dreaming, they are expected to keep it to themselves and not share it in fear of being ridiculed. As an expert of cybernetics and medicine, I find this very unfortunate.

Dreams and Free Knowledge Attainment

If we analyze and practice lucid dreaming; the ability to be conscious during dreaming, we can experience the benefits of a more efficient nervous system. In this state, we can practice the specific independent and free knowledge attainment process, which despite being inconceivable, so many are familiar with. So many people have already read about the dreams of famous people and believe that these dreams are rare. They believe that this dreaming process can only happen to geniuses. However, this belief can be argued and breaking down this belief can be beneficial. It is not necessary to dream up a Nobel-Prize-winning idea for our lives to improve drastically and permanently.  We don’t need a bank loan or to win the lottery in order to have fuller, richer lives.   In order to learn from dreaming, transmitted knowledge should be written down immediately after waking. This information at first may seem strange and illogical, but the more you practice, the clearer the information becomes. There are credible writings and hypotheses about individuals who use this information flow to invent, create and change their lives.  They have ultimately experienced a free existence, something that during this process we can learn from and work towards.  Such news might cause some anxiety for those who fear the unknown, however is important to remember that this information already exists in us, we are just working towards brining it to the surface for positive use in our lives.

Creators of art and science, more often experience lucid dreaming because they are actively seeking answers in the wakeful life and tend to process stronger and quantitatively more information when awake. At the same time, maintaining and further developing our awareness while dreaming is also a question of practice and learning.

The successful tool for practicing lucid dreaming is the wakeful dream movie watching experience, the DRC.

The successful tool for practicing lucid dreaming is the wakeful dream movie watching experience, the DRC.

How to Learn, Practice it and Solve Disturbances?

Everyone practices differently but most people swear on a daily repeated awareness check and nightly dream tasks. Conscious dreamers do not dare to miss these exercises and even still they may often go off course.  Reasons for ‘going off course’ can vary. For some it can happen over a long period of time, even for months, and they may only have conventional dreams. What research has found is that this lapse has to do with the brain’s function and its contact to the outside world.  Our brain works day and night and never falls asleep completely. It often has to adjust to the outside environment and its own inner environment as well. It has to react and adapt to everything on time. If it does not, sooner or later it will get into trouble.

Disturbances are very common, since we do not always live in a healthy, natural way. Small or big events may cause stress in our lives and can result in damages occurring in the brain and elsewhere in our bodies. This can have both an internal and external result. Our brain may have deficiencies and therefore problems manifest in the outside world. And vice versa external errors may affect small areas of our internal composition, our brain, our thought processes, our perceptions.  On the system level this signifies chaos, meaning it creates unorganized areas and functions. This inordinateness cannot be interpreted, because the information stored there had been distorted, lost, and is no longer useful.  Looking at it as electrical activity, it disturbs the organized electrical fields of other areas, including the nerve cells themselves. In return, these nerve cells have to protect themselves, which depletes them of a lot of energy. Just like when a cell phone battery goes dead faster when it keeps searching for a signal to no avail. We need energy for building and maintaining a protective shield over the dysfunctional signal.

The DRC Dream Meditation is able to fix daily occurring disturbances. This was one of the main reasons it was created. To restore and correct the system-level functions of the brain. Dream Meditation synchronizes the brain waves. Even after one Dream Mediation experienced at DRC, the dreamer can expect to spend 1-3 nights sleeping deeper. Analyzing sleeping and dreaming patterns can signal how many errors have to be corrected in the brain and how much time is needed to recover.

After this recovery phase, the conscious dreams start to happen by themselves.  Even people who have experienced lucid dreams can explore new paths and have old hopes and desire come true. This at first requires very little concentration prior to sleep and might even happen to complete beginners.

These experiences show that we can control the brain completely and naturally, simply through our wishes. There is no need to force anything on it. You do not have to nor does it do any good to wake yourself up at night to try to ensure longer conscious dreaming. This would no longer be a natural way of consciously controlling the brain. Rather, what is needed is to make sure that the brain feels good and it can naturally regenerate and recharge itself. Afterwards, it will be able to pay attention to your conscious and subconscious requests and can fulfill both. Another major benefit of this natural way of control has been that with 2-3 weekly Dream Meditation sessions we permanently eliminate the hindering disturbances, errors or areas of conflict that hold you back. In turn, real dreams and successes will occur.