The best way to get a fulfilling rest and to renew your life at the same time is: DREAM MEDITATION. Are you looking for stability?  When your life becomes a spinning wheel seemingly uncontrollable you can still find balance. How can you imagine this manifesting in your own life? This spinning is constantly pushing you forward in time and symbolizes your ever changing life and without it you may feel there is no progress. Balance and progress can still be achieved. You will find that this dynamic balance is the only stability in your life. Should the wheel stop, it will tilt, fall over and change will cease to happen. The goal is to keep the wheel, your life turning but having control and balance over it’s rhythm. We are all filled with instability and feel a sense of danger before we change. Just like a wheel preparing to stop.


Are you longing for harmony? Great! Your happiness can only be born from harmony within yourself and the universe.  How can you find harmony? With balance. With properly utilizing the day and night cycles harmony will start to reveal itself in your life. At night you sleep well and dream intensively. During the day you live intensively and rest actively. The day and night turn into each other in you, and you may live one or the other life. These changing cycles form harmonious waves in your life and carry valuable information towards your future. (The waves like frothing water swallows everything, without balance you won’t be able to carry anything or reach your target.)

Why Dream Reality Cinema? We have worked for years to make this method easily transferable. We did not spare any effort while doing it and have seen firsthand the amazing results of guests who engage regularly in the program. Maybe you are someone who has practiced yoga, meditate and have learned how to dream meditate. Maybe you still feel you are in the same place in your life and change has no shifted into a permanent place. DRC can help you achieve the success you are looking for.

If you don’t have to have patience to practice meditation – just to be able to find facebook_cover_hero_2harmony
within yourself and the natural world – DRC is also for you. Our lives are full of a multitude of problems, balance can seem like an island we can never truly reach, with DRC you can arrive there and stay permanently.  Our approach to gain a life with balance comes without stress, without pain but simply and delicately through guided meditation. Is is the only WAY.

With a specific approach and consistent practice at DRC, you will start to experience change. Maybe subtle change will surface then suddenly almost without consciously being aware of it, the change you have actively been searching for will arrive. Challenge yourself with dream meditation and share your success with others the way we have also shared our results with you.  It is not difficult to dream meditate. The more you dream our way, the more success you will have in achieving your goals.

If your schedule doesn’t allow you time for weekend courses and camps, if you don’t want large groups of people, learning the same thing. If all you desire is results and success? Then you’ve found the method. A method which has proved its effectiveness time and time again.  You do not need to learn it, all you need to do is to use it.  With a little time you can have everything you want.

The Dream Reality Cinema provides a program which is the only method today to help find you harmony and stability in the modern world. It helps the stumbling wheel to turn smoother and charges it with strength and suddenly your dynamically balanced life is ready. The development of your life towards balancehas never been easier.

All the program requires is that you take a seat in our zero gravity armchair and watch a film for 40 minutes. Drifting in and out of sleep as you allow yourself to enter the state of Dream Reality. After you wake up you go on with your life but go on travelling on a different track. One that you won’t even notice, a track where the wheels inside you turning faster but smoother. You don’t need to do anything else except let it happen. Every dream meditation you experience in our innovative cinema will take you closer to your targets. Change will happen.

You may be specific with your goals and your targets but you won’t and can’t know beforehand the road to reach them. You won’t know when or where or how are you going to reach them. All of this will come as surprises. All of those will be gifts will be our pleasure to give to you.

Your gift from Dream Mediation will be the harmony and renewal of your life. Don’t delay your future. The future won’t wait. Perhaps you still feel dream meditation seems like an insignificant thing for your life, but under its influence you are going to change, success in your goals will be all the proof you need.