First it is childhood that passes, then youth, in the end we forget our dreams… – It does not have to be that way!

The biological robotic way of life is the alternative name for the “civilized,” conforming life. It means a manner of life characterized by daily repetitions. Even faults are being repeated. There is too little renewal and regeneration. Its associated marks are boredom, a bad mood, exhaustion, and fear. A fear mainly of changes and challenges.

We have to protect our lives from this biological robotic manner of living, which is incapable of further development. We have to keep fit and grow; with new learning, new acquaintances, and new travels. We have to confront many-many changes daily and nightly. In every age, in every contemporary spiritual school, the masters, the gurus, the magicians, the yogis, and the holy teachers have struggled together with their disciples.

To recapture and to retain childhood, youth, strength, openness, and purity is only possible through this Way. The other elaborately advertised ways and roundabout ways are only an illusion, and create only illusions, not reality. However, in this present day and age new schools have opened next to the old ones. In today’s world, new knowledge and new teachings are born. There are also new leaders whom the disciples may follow.

Since a few months ago the possibilities to a solution were expanded by an invention called the Dream Reality Cinema. This movie about dreaming contains lasting knowledge, and also passes on most recent knowledge. DRC’s first program, the dream meditation, created for continuous use, totally surpassed any expectations those who meditate had in their first few months doing the program . The opinions are collected in a report and can be found together with the most interesting experiences so far, including names, at: http://dreamrealitycinema.hu/velemenyek/

The dream meditation is not meant to be an effort for those meditating; it is rather a program for taking them further.  Still, in spite of that which they actively struggle with, they fall asleep nevertheless, and may also experience other problems during meditation. The goal is they just have to continue the dream meditation patiently. Later on, after an individually defined period, the stabilizing growing process is going to develop in them by itself. Here the exertion, the weariness, and the deconcentration problems will die down. These are the problems of their lives, they always had to live with them. These are therefore not the difficulties of dream meditation but of their life, and it will take time till they cease as a result of the program. By that, they can cross a boundary, which brings with it the long-awaited changes and successes, then additional crossings of boundaries will follow.


Once dream meditation becomes easy, they will experience the floating and the relaxation of consciousness. The floating condition of consciousness is already the dream reality, the world of dreaming consciously. This state of being, is the condition for realizing all their intended aims. From here on, those who meditate do not fall asleep during the program anymore but are enjoying their new being, they are studying it and are getting to know it. Thereby they get ready for the next programs. The programs, that are raising things to a higher level, are aiming already at building up conscious dreaming. A conscious, personal course of life will be realized by that. The robotic way of life, the exceeding similarity with others, the boredom, and the general biological weakness will cease. And of course many-many problems will disappear.

The dream meditation has to be continued even if the disciples are already floating during the program and at home, while asleep and find conscious dreams have already taken shape. Continuous meditation will take one further and further, and more and more new levels can be reached: The ability to focus will become stronger and stronger, wakefulness will be long-lasting, sleep will result in a more and more effective, energy concentrating rest. Everything that has been part of one’s previous life changes completely and these changes are joined by more and more new things. These are coming from ancient developmental stages through the most recent existing stages to the future, which now is a good time to start building in order for it to exist. The inventor of DRC is teaching the people of the future.