The creators of DRC used their 25 years of experience working with Meditation and Dreaming, to build and design this innovative program. Thousands of men and women who have experienced Dream Meditation confess to small miracles happening in their lives.  Even today, after 10-20 years of working this program, they are still enjoying its beneficial effects. What was it and how did it become what we know today as DRC?

The Medical Application of Operational Research

One of the creators of DRC Dr. Emese Tóth, an experienced pathologist and sexologist, found during certain stress related treatments she designed, facts about dreaming when she would have them enter a dreamlike, floating state.  Patients would experience realistic, vivid dreams, as they listened to music throughout the experience. Dr. Toth observed that their senses were fully alert during this treatment, whilst their bodies were in a deep state of relaxation. Afterwards patients recalled almost everything that happened to them in clear, solid details. ‘Dreaming’ become conscious.  Their passiveness was external, however internally they experienced changes leading to their healing very intensely, in something like a cocoon state.

The Educational Application of Operational Research

The founder of DRC, Sándor Lengyel, a teacher, director and inventor, also worked to understand the depths to which people can acquire knowledge whilst relaxed. Through his presentations, lectures and workshops in Europe and Russia, he always encouraged his audience to behave completely naturally and if necessary, let themselves relax to the point of closing their eyes if necessary. Many indeed fell deeply asleep, not moving for hours. It became clear that the people who had fallen asleep and when were awakened, heard each and every word and were able to apply what they learned in practice right then and there.

The Dynamic System of the Brain – The Dream States

These examples are specifically free and open states of the nervous system with spectacular associations and intensive experiences. The patients and the audience often successfully visualized and realized their own future lives. They often asked questions to themselves, to which they did receive answers coming from their newly structured thoughts or from what they had just learned from the presenter. As if they knew before hand what they would say. However, these were all new answers, not even remotely similar to their lives and the knowledge that they had up until then. With these many parallel realities taking place within them, they were able to “dream up” working solutions for their lives moving forward. Eventually, the presentations and treatments led them to success with perfect accuracy.

These states are the consequences of the bio-cybernetic process. When the completely newly received information occupies the brain’s free electrons, it is only possible to continue to pay attention and to process this new information, in the dreamlike, freely reacting states. Any restriction and discomfort leads to exhaustion and causes interruption in the process of receiving information. That is why a life lived is felt to be much more successful than one based on expectations and habits. If you need to sleep, sleep. If you need to dream, dream. But when you become alert, you also need to move. And all of this, we have learned, can be controlled.

The Bio-cybernetic network effect can bring an audience of hundreds of people into total synchronicity and a state of happiness within a short time. Transform them into collaborating partners where they precisely sense and understanding each other, all at the same time.

In order to achieve this Bio-cybernetic network effect, the following are essential:

  • Special vibrating sound waves
  • Information processing with an organized structure
  • Pleasant environment

All this brings a harmonious, wave field and energy radiation in large volumes. That is exactly what happens in these instances.

The Biotechnological Cinema

These waves can be technically transmitted as well, not just through direct transmission from human to human. The transferring object between the source and the receiving person can be, for example, a good quality audiovisual apparatus. For this purpose, DRC uses the event of harmonious transfer to be recorded and turned into a documentary film with an artistic effect. This way, both the effects and the results can also be transferred into the future for those who can only watch this film.

The DRC is cybernetic dream cinema. The so-called operator films have a pre-planned and built-in effect on the nervous system. They transmit organized, harmonious frequencies, to which the brain reacts inevitably. Experiences gained from hundreds of previously prepared operator movies made it possible for the transfer to occur directly through film from the beginning.  This is a completely different transmission approach from when an event is simply recorded and cinematized. This is the basis of the invention of the dream movie, the Dream Reality Cinema.