“In my films I simply ask the brain when and what to pay attention to. Not covertly, but face-to-face. The cybernetic program that I developed and made into a movie works: if you know its language and the way dream reality operates, the nervous system helps you realize yourself. This is what I teach in person, and now I pass on this knowledge through DRC (Dream Reality Cinema).”

Sandor Lengyel

Pooling more than 25 years of research, Dream Reality Cinema introduces a first-of-its-kind guided program for lucid dreaming.

Based in biocybernetics and founded by lauded Hungarian philosopher, teacher, and human cybernetics researcher Sandor Lengyel, Dream Reality Cinema is the ultimate brain hack, teaching individuals the key method for manifesting ones dreams in waking life.

With continued practice, individuals will learn to remember, control, and eventually unlock valuable information stored deep in the subconscious mind.

The dream consciousness achieved can help normalize sleep and stress disorders, stimulate creativity, improve energy, imagination, and memory, rejuvenate the body and mind, and dissolve limitations that create setbacks in waking life.