Frequently Asked Questions

Experiences about Sleeping and Dreaming

Where are you located in Los Angeles?
1124 Budapest, Törpe utca 8.

When is DRC open?
DRC is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Various holidays are observed.

What is the phone number I can call to get an appointment?
+36 30 495 2346

How many times can I come when I buy the Explorer pass?
The Explorer pass is an unlimited Monthly Movie Pass used by a single individual allowing them access to one DRC movie a day for a full month.

What is the best way for me to dream meditate?

  1. Relax and allow yourself to enter a different state. Do not give yourself any tasks.
  2. Do not read the text on the screen,  learn to have a full-screen vision; to see everything all at once in real life as well.
  3. Do not go down to Alpha, Theta or into any other state learned or practiced, here you will something completely different,  if you allow it.
  4. Do not anticipate memories and experiences already known and coveted by you, DRC is entirely new for everyone. You will learn and understand how to use it the more you watch the movie.
  5. If you are afraid, then read about DRC on our website, especially the reviews section, a willingness is all you need to have trust in it.
  6. If you are afraid that DRC will disturb your results that you have already achieved by other methods, then ask yourself the question: do I still have unresolved or learnable wishes? Then you have to learn new things and become brave.
  7. If your feel your attitude is not in line or distrustful of DRC, then research and read the articles and reviews on our website, it pays to know what you signed up for. This is the best way to make the most out of your first visit. 
  8. We put the focus on your dreams with DRC but you are the key. Pay attention to your sleep, your dreams, your well-being, how restful you are and your reactions. Of course don’t expect to learn everything about dream meditation from just one movie session, because DRC is not like a tooth extraction with immediate and irreversible results.  

How often should I meditate?
Dream Meditation does not require anything but consistency: the best progress is reached by 2-3 weekly visits continuously.

How can I progress the best way with DRC?
Dream Meditation must be learned like everything else. Despite this, it is effective from the very first session. Even if your body can’t rest during the movie, you have too many thoughts or read the texts. All of these things make it hard to pay attention to everything all at once. Even if it takes effort to stay awake, it’s ok. Even with these distractions the clearing and recovery of the brain takes place, brain functions improve. Then soon enough unified attention develops during the movie sessions. With this the “bodiless” dream state occurs.

From what point my life will turn successful?
After 10-20 movie sessions you will experience a complete transformation. A strong change will begin to enter your life as well as small,  surprises every day.  With DRC and a commitment to the program you can expect something we call “incredible coincidences”.

What should I do while watching the movie?
Whilst watching the movie you have only one mission: to let yourself respond unconsciously and freely during the dream meditation session. You do not have to do anything except relax and enjoy the program. The results will always come automatically as a surprise.

What should I do to succeed before and after the movie?
You do not have to strive for anything either before or after the movie. The conscious self-guidance will be triggered automatically. The only essential thing is to not consume any brain stimulants: caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, sedatives, tranquilizers, anti-depressants and any other drugs that can diminish the impact. They cause pollution and limitations in the brain, thus they hinder the rapid and free transformation.

What is dream reality?
Dream reality is an always changing, intermediate state in which the nervous system regains its variability and flexibility once again.

If I complete approximately 20-30 sessions and decide not to come anymore, can I still use the knowledge I gained here for years to come?
There is no knowledge that stays the same. Through usage and practice you can maintain what you have acquired. If you do not practice, it is natural that parts of it will be forgotten and again you will become unconditioned and inexperienced. The effects of it cannot go away completely,  it has become part of your life. This is very different depending on each individual, but the successes achieved in practice show us who is where at any given moment.

Is it possible to achieve results even after a few sessions?
Yes, there are a lot of results. Most of the feedback we get after the first meditation is that guests slept deeper at night and were a lot more rested in the morning. The reason for this is that the brain gets refreshed and liberated and suddenly it gains momentum. Lucid dreamers tend to experience new, original dreams and worlds.  We find people suddenly become aware of skills they had but had prevented them from surfacing.

Are children allowed to come to the program? Do they learn faster?
Children can come if they are able to sit through and watch a 40 minute movie even if they fall asleep. They must know how to read. If they have to go out to the bathroom frequently, can’t handle having the device on them, are over-active, can’t learn to set up and adjust the equipment, then it is not for them yet. Not all adults are able to this. However, if the parents feel that their child is capable of doing it, then we will get the child familiar with the equipment and it’s set up then if he or she likes it we can start the program. Children develop much faster than adults with Dream Meditation.

Can I lose weight in my dream, if I can’t do it while awake? 
You can achieve results with anything at DRC, but where we can really help is finding why you have not been able to accomplish this goal so far. We take the invisible part of this task and make it conscious, where you realize a plan and  execute that plan. The movie helps our guests in consciousness, endurance and perseverance. Their journey at DRC is always an exciting one as they learn to process their dreams and realize their goals.

Will my ability to learn a language improve with DRC?
It strengthens your learning as well as your short and long-term memory. It helps concentration, accelerates learning, improves memory and makes you less tired.  We suggest at night the student should give themselves a language task before falling asleep. For example, say a few new words out aloud and form some sentences with them in your head. They give themselves a task that in their dream they will meet someone with whom they are going to converse in that language with.  We suggest an every night practice where the student goes to bed with this task and keeps a log whether it happened or not and exactly how it occurred. Send this log to us and we can help with further advice.

How do I find my own path with the help of this? Will my intuitions also strengthen?
The program helps the intuitive path as well but as each path is so unique we start with an individuals’s goals, conditioning and certain habitual cycles of thinking.  What we suggest to do is start logging your dream memories.  It can be very useful and instructive and a great tool in creating you most, fruitful path. Based on this memory diary or dream diary it will be easy to follow what areas you may have to improve and what kind of tasks you should give yourself before you go to bed and accomplish while dreaming.

Do I get any sort of material after I complete the program so I can practice at home?
Dream meditation does not require practice at home. The successful changes will come as a surprise, and any kind of awareness would just interfere with this. You have to let yourself respond freely, so the changes can take place. And when the consciousness appears “on its own”, that is when you can start the free and independent experimentations. The tasks will be given by the surprising changes that will take place for you, then you can begin a completely unique and exciting journey, made just for you.

Is it good to be conscious in my dreams?
The objective is that once you are more conscious in your dreams development begins.  Achieving consciousness in both the wakeful state and the dream state is the real consciousness. Therefore, those who have not yet been awakened in their dreams are not able to step over boundaries in their wakeful state either. And why is this so desirable? Because to reach success it is not enough to simply dream it, but you must realize your dreams. You have to be able to cross over boundaries and obstacles, which are not visible to the eyes, but can be envisioned. But to do that you need a completely different wakefulness, so the extraordinary or previously failed plans can become realities.

What is the difference between classic meditation and DRC’s dream meditation?
The so-called classic meditation has a lot of different types, you can spend a lifetime getting to know and study new ones. They all have a calming and beneficial effect. Repetitions are always recommended as this bring about changes in you in a positive way. You can have a new experience every time you repeat a meditation. With the automated dream meditation you get a precise cybernetic program, which builds up a process in you. It always takes you further and further and never leaves you alone. It gives you a much stronger lead than just listening to a relaxation text. There is a lot of important information in the DRC movies that can materialize within you. The movie is the most effective medium to transfer this information if the goal is to lead the mind towards realization, not just towards calming down. DRC and dream meditation is strong in a sense that your dreams can come true and it teaches you to dream something that you actually need. It teaches you active and independent self-awareness without passively following someone or something. It enhances your creativity. It improves your memory. It makes you stronger in executing tasks. You will discover how true this is.

What is the optimal number of visits to DRC?
To ensure your optimal development, we recommend a visit to DRC once a week to maintain your already achieved success. 3 times per week is needed for further development. You can alternate between more often and less frequent periods.

How many times does it take to dream consciously?
There are those who immediately have one or two conscious dreams and can begin to control them. But this result is not permanent. This skills of conscious dreaming happens much later in the process. 

Does it affect me even if I sleep through all the sessions?
You will not sleep through it all, but the point is, that even if you do fall asleep, you hear the movie, the lights have an effect on you through your eyelids, each elements continues to work on you. It does not matter that you are not aware of learning and you do not remember it. The cybernetic programming is an entirely new way of teaching. Dream meditation is a very pleasant and efficient way to learn while awake, half-awake or asleep. Currently, DRC is the best method in the world to achieve this.

Does Dream Meditation help people with sleep paralysis or is it recommended for them to give it a try?
It is strongly recommended for everyone who has any types of problems with sleeping or dreaming. The brain controls these intermediate states. Instead of trying to find what causes the disturbances, DRC immediately rearranges brain operations. If this reaches a certain, successful level, then the disturbance goes away.

Are we going to get completely brainwashed?
Not exactly, but the main reason of the dream meditation program, just like any other type of meditation is mental cleansing. The brain needs to be “washed” to get rid of all that noise that floats around and disturbs the transmission and reception.

What is dream meditation?
Unfortunately, this answer cannot be reduced to such a small post as this, but don’t worry, you can read about this on our website and if you are interested to go deeper into the science of DRC, then you can check out the section of the website with the articles.

Where can I get impartial information about the program?
If you would like to hear “impartial” information from others, you can check out the website’s review section, which contains plenty of exciting discoveries and opinions.

What’s next, if I went through x number of programs?
With meditation we try to maintain and further develop ourselves, therefore it must be practiced regularly. Especially if you don’t feel stable and independent enough in it. Meditate several times a week, keep it up for your long-term development. This meditation works to cleanse, revive and create a successful path for your life.  You will not experience any setbacks or stagnation, but will always discover new things  in your dreams and while awake. You will be an active and successful participant in the process of implementation.

More Frequently Asked Questions

What if I never remember any of my dreams?

After approximately the 5th Dream Meditation session, people usually start to remember their dreams.  Sometimes even sooner.

What is this all about? Is there anyone, who participated and can tell me about it?

Testimonial:  ” I have had 5 sessions so far and I am already feeling its effects. For example, I remember my dreams a lot better  after I wake up. I now am able to recall 2-3 of my dreams at night. Since I started doing Dream Reality Cinema I wake up every morning feeling good about myself. I also managed to dream about what I wanted more than once. This works. ”  (More under the Testimonials Section)

What’s happens when you go to DRC? Are you fitted with a device then lay down and watch a movie? Can you control sleep? Do people fall asleep? How long is the movie?

That is exactly what happens when you come to DRC.  We provide you with video glasses and noise cancelling headphones and you lay back in our zero gravity armchairs for 40 minutes.  All you have to do is let yourself respond freely even if that means falling asleep. After several sessions you will find that you do not fall asleep, or not exactly the same time as before.  At the beginning it is unlikely that you’ll be able to control your sleep but the more and more you develop in Dream Meditation, the more you’ll be able to manipulate your sleep patterns.

What should I do when I feel hot as I am falling asleep?

If your body gets too hot in bed,  it is likely that you will have a hard time falling asleep. In this case switch your sleepwear to a more airy, piece of clothing or replace your blanket. Certain types of materials and cleaning agents can cause burning sensations on the skin as well. If needed, take a lukewarm shower and let your skin cool down. The external cooling of your body (bath and air conditioning) helps you get to sleep.

What should I do if I am cold even under the warm blanket?

Feeling cold from the inside and shivering under a blanket can be a sign of stress and overload. Sometimes it can also be a sign of under load. These conditions can cause poor circulation in the body. The reason for this is the inadequate condition of the nervous system: insufficient brain control, adaptation and training. The thinner parts of the body cool down faster, moreover if the blood vessels in those areas also constrict, the hands, especially the fingers, feet and nose will remain with a permanent low circulation. Sometimes consistent cooling down can be felt around the hips, waist and throat. The temporary solution could be a short, warm shower and a little bit of exercise, in persistent cases a magnesium salt hot bath for about 20 minutes can help. With this even the small, closed vessels dilate, the nervous system switches gears. Sometimes laying on your side can help as well: suddenly you feel the warmth running through your legs. This can occur only with certain sides, just the right or just the left, typically.

What should I pay attention to before I go to sleep to make it easier to fall asleep?

When you lie down, make yourself as comfortable as you can. There are some who can spend more time comfortably lying on their back or on their side. When you start to feel a little bit cold and you have to pull the blanket more up on yourself, then this is a sign that you are about to fall asleep. Pay attention to your breathing and consciously focus on checking certain parts of your body’s comfort and stress-relief.

As a beginner, what kind of dream tasks can I use to practice lucid dreaming?

Initially, give yourself completely simple tasks. To smile in your sleep, or turn around 360 degrees and look around or try to rise into the air from a stationary space or with a little bit of running. Pick a task, which is really interesting for you. Imagine and experience this selected task as much as possible. When you wake up, perhaps you will remember whether you have completed the task in your sleep or not, but it is also possible that you will only remember the task itself. If this comes to mind immediately upon awakening, this is already a very good result. You might not even remember the completion of the task or the task itself, but during the day all of a sudden you recall your dream and that you have completed the task, due to an external stimulus.

Why do we forget our dreams?

Part of the reason people do not remember their dreams is because nothing in their waking lives can recall their dream memories. However, if they realize the fact that they are dreaming, this interesting experience can cause them to develop the dream memory and afterwards the easy dream retrieval. The internal memory is in itself an active, conscious reaction, which requires an internal recalling action as well. The remembrance caused by external influences is determined by the random appearance of the re-caller, therefore it cannot be planned and deliberate.

Dreams are also forgotten when it is not possible yet to place the dreams’ multi-dimensional world into the much smaller three-dimensional world of the wakeful state. When the two worlds have yet to meet each other, they cannot be linked consciously, and therefore the dream cannot be continued in the wakeful state, not even in thought.

This experience can occur typically in a way, that as you wake up you remember a strong experience and an interesting dream that you immediately try to memorize, but after each evoked thoughts the disintegration increases, or your memory of it becomes patchy. Then even the recalled parts can slip out of the brain, and finally, we are repeating, only a single-sentence fragment from it. This type of conscious concentration destroys the ability to recall our dreams rather than enhance it.

To the inherent usefulness of the information, what helps to recall our dream memories and make them long-term memories?

Dreaming, recalling dream memories and their long-term usability requires a clear brain, which is free from interferences and wants. Overly colorful fantasies, emotional experience-like empathy, yearning and the allowance of the free flow of all of these, technically helps dreaming if the clear brain state condition was built up already in advance. However, without this condition each believed to be working dream technique, will be forced and a setback.

Out of all the meditations, dream meditation is able to create this condition very quickly, and teach the brain functionally to live in this state, in other words to make the brain more self-reliant. This clear state will lead to pure consciousness and not stubbornness. (Stubbornness makes the brain completely useless and prevents it from further development.)

Should we repeat the same dream task until we succeed?

Every night, give yourself a different task, because the same task makes you cramp up and become stubborn, and it can lead you to meaningless practice. The brain is the creative, intelligent part of you. It has an independent life, not only what you know and control. It does not like repetition, it makes the brain tired and bored. Make your brain practice cinematically colorful tasks. Have an overall emotionally strong empathy linked to the task. If you give yourself a different task every day, the brain’s interest always renews, and it is easier for you to experience other interesting tasks. With this you will have much faster and more durable results in dreaming.

For the brain these are all tasks leading in the same direction and development, despite that they are different. This simply means that you need to communicate in the ‘language of the brain’ with variety. Practice this communication through the right sleep tasks. If you succeed, you can ask whatever you want, because your brain will easily fulfill your requests.

What will indicate that I have made progress?

The coincidences in time may not always have the same logic as the wakeful state has. Look for the unusual, the surprising moments in your life.  They may be uncharacteristic signals and changes. These are not necessarily miracles, but they are always interesting and often pleasant as well. It is common that a dream task previously issued several weeks earlier succeed all of the sudden one night rather than the task you gave yourself that day. This is also considered a successful solution to the task. Especially if you realize that you have not dreamed of such a thing yet, or at least so far did not know about it, if there was such a thing. This is just the beginning. Lucid dreaming is not about giving tasks for ourselves that we complete in our dreams, but dreaming up whole worlds in which so many events happen that are very realistic, and they affect our entire life and our own future. If it’s the distant future, you will not be able to know if it will get realized or not. But at the beginning it is more frequent, you dream up your very near future. This becomes very clear the next day, as your envisioned dream scene indeed occurs.

How long does it take to succeed with lucid dreaming?

It is possible that you have a lucid dream right after your dream meditation session that night, but it could also be weeks later. It often appears at the beginning, as a result of the new opportunities. Right afterwards there is a building phase that takes place, which occupies the brain and it does not issue a new signal about this for a while. The cleansing and developing effects of approximately 5-10 dream meditation sessions will cause us to receive more and more exciting signals that we are becoming clearer and more conscious. This naturally goes along with the increased restfulness and wakeful harmony as well as the visible neurological loadability and well being.

What is a dream journal?

You can log a journal about your dreams when you wake up before they vanish. With this you will ignite and train your dream memory association with the wakeful state, and you will remember more and more easily and accurately. The diary also helps the fear of losing your experiences, if you found something useful. The diary of your dreaming will become the house of inventions and solutions for you. And if something is not yet utilized, it can be good for later, when you find yourself flipping back through the pages.

Is it worth it to keep a dream diary?

Keeping a dream diary is great way to log, gather, re-read your experiences, and source material that you can send to us by e-mail as a way we can help and guide you. It provides a special and useful personal observation that we can use to explain our process and further develop research for our articles.

How does the brain remember?

Remembering is one of the brain’s reactional works that it performs. If something has an effect on the brain, it sees or hears something, these can cause a myriad of memories as responses. Remembering is an active, energy-consuming process.

Remembrance or recollection may be consciously active, and it can be spontaneous. If there is no action which would trigger a particular memory as a reaction, then that particular memory can “lay” passively in our brains for decades. In general this is usually called the subconscious, but you can imagine it as a more accurate passive memory or sleeping memories, which temporarily do not have an active link to your current life, or for them, these memories to become active is prohibited.

The maintenance of the internal memory is not a conscious operation for us. For some reason, the connection becomes active when the memory becomes active and immediately we begin to use it consciously. From this point on there is a conscious user operation. The analogies of brain structures and function can be found in abundance in the IT field, since the laws of cybernetics for the brain are the same. The memory reactivation is none other than the memory being put on the screen where as a user we can see it and start doing something with it.

Why don’t I dream anything?

There is no life without dreaming, but not everyone is given the same complexity and effect of a dream life. The sudden, premature or forced awakening, the stagnant or degrading life, the use of harmful or “recreational” substances, the unclear and conscious brain function can cause “dream-less”, detached from the wakeful state or passive dream life.

A child cannot live without fairy tales, but an adult cannot either. Dreams tell stories to everyone. The brain arranges the information freely, plays with it, organizes it, stores it, but before that, it connects it with things near and far. Dreaming is the free life of our brains when it can play.

Dreaming is the brain’s limitless playground. ‘Play’ is the fundamental phenomenon of development.

Children cannot not develop, they have to play to develop and dream to develop. Adults have to re-learn all of these things again, but now not as children but as adults. They have to learn in a way that can’t be demonstrated but simply experienced. Adults have to learn this consciousness, a consciousness that children naturally have. The easiest way to get this back, is to develop dreaming. First, unconsciously, which a program teaches us. Then, we become more and more conscious, learn and increase our own self-reliance. This is what DRC gives you.

I have nightmares now since my training? What is the reason for this?

Previously you did not remember your nightmares, but as a result of dream meditation, information prohibited for your wakeful state has emerged and become conscious. This is a good sign. It means that the program is effectively helping you. The nightmares will go away in most cases permanently.

What should I do when I have a nightmare?

If you realize that you are sleeping,  but do not have the focus to wake up, the most effective thing to do is say it out loud “I’m Dreaming” and do whatever you want. With your conscious imagination you can control your dreams, if you know that you are dreaming.

If during your nightmare you do not know that you are dreaming, and you cannot control it, then you can give yourself dream tasks related to your nightmares while you are awake and confirm these right before you go to sleep.  Eventually Dream Reality will help you with control and eliminate these nightmares.

If I am unable to come every week, but only about once a month, what kind of results can I achieve?

It is worth it to plan ahead. When possible come more often. It is worth it to come preferably 3 times a week to reach the initial successes. This is something that you have to plan and execute with attention. It is worth it to make appointments ahead of time and write them down in your calendar.

Coming to watch the movie once a month helps your progress very slowly, especially becoming  in an effort to become conscious. It will be difficult to determine what you have accomplished, what constitutes as success and how this is linked to dreaming and dream reality. Rather, once a month may be sufficient to regenerate you and increase your daily energy. You can experience this the first few nights immediately after your dream meditation session and most likely you will sleep deeper for a few days. Do not be afraid, these are just the beginnings, if you start from below zero, then there is a lot of recovery needed to progress forward which in itself is also very energy consuming. As time goes on, you will also see that occasional meditation sessions also bring about change.