I have some recurring dreams; they are usually replaced by new ones every two or three months. My current recurring dream is of a little girl who visits every night. The weird thing about it is that she had seen something that caused her father to cut out her eyes. She shows me her life through pictures – I can feel what she feels.

The recurring dream that I had before this one was about a demonic woman who kept haunting me – there was a mirror at the end of a corridor and I saw myself in it, in this woman’s body. Sometimes I’m interested in what I dream, and sometimes my dreams have a disturbing effect on me. I always conquer my bad dreams – I have my methods. I draw them, and then I burn them in a place which is important to me. This is the way I got rid of that demon woman too.

My great desire is to become a pathologist or a brain researcher. Well actually it doesn’t really matter, just as long as I’m doing something exciting where I don’t have to sit in an office all day.