Andrea J.

Today’s meditation was awesome. I was shifting between wakefulness and sleep. I did not fall asleep. It was a very interesting state. And what is new that lately I want to go to bed earlier. I want to sleep around 10:00pm and I usually go lay down.

For the first time tonight it happened that I actually slept from 10:00pm to all the way to the morning. I woke up a few times, but I went back to sleep immediately. I did not have to read, surf the internet, think, but I was able to go back to sleep right away. This has not happened in years.

You were right from the beginning when you said that it will always be different. This time I was able to comprehend the text fully. The whole thing entered me. It’s great!

This weekend I worked the whole time. I managed 40 people, and it was very tiring. Until now,  I was falling asleep sitting in a chair and I had to pump myself full of stimulants. But now, I did not need it. One coffee remained as a habit, and I could work very well. I was not tired, I was not sleepy. My nights are calm, I do not spend hours awake. I feel great!

I could not wait to have dreams again, but the one I had today upset me completely. It was perfectly true to life, as one of my current serious problems appeared in my dream exactly as is. I can still hear it in my voice how much it upset me, but in the meantime I feel that there is no physical symptoms behind it. At other times, it felt as if someone sat on my chest or was strangling my throat. But now, there is nothing. I’m completely at ease inside. And this is not the first time that this happened to me. Ever since I come here, I recognized this change several times. That is, the stress stays outside of my body and I stay calm.

Another significant change is that before I could not read without my glasses, and now I have not used them in a week for reading. (I couldn’t even read texts or emails on my phone). I can see better! I can read everything!

The coincidences multiplied in my days. I can feel in advance who is going to call me or who I will ran into by chance.

Andrea J.