I do not have recurring dreams, but I do have very interesting dreams; sometimes they make no sense, sometimes they are exciting, on a rare occasion they are very disturbing, but fortunately I do not have nightmares. The world of dreams is incredibly exciting and I really like dreaming at night and dream about things as well.

Usually in my dreams I’m surrounded by my family, in my parents’ house, which looks exactly the same as when I lived there with them. All my loved ones are there even those who are no longer with us, like my mom. I do not dream without her, she always appears in my dreams.

Sometimes I have a dream that I am not wearing any clothes and I have to go out on the street or go on stage naked and perform. This is of course feels totally uncomfortable, but I think that is the way I process through my daily life, my public life that takes place on stage and in front of the camera.

Often I dream about elaborate, film script-like stories that make me smile in the morning, because they seem really exciting. J I have been thinking about this a lot that I should probably write these down, maybe other people would find these entertaining as well. J

Perhaps with the help of DRC I can remember even more things, and I hope that I can control these dreams to experience them better and therefore my sleep can be a lot more relaxing for me.