Modern cinematic and virtual reality technology already exists, now through extensive research and development dream reality technology has arrived.

Where are dreams born inside us?

According to what we know today our dreams are born with us, when we enter this world, not merely through our memories but the moment we are created. One part of our complex life takes place in our dreams and the other takes place when we are awake. Everybody has a dream life just like everybody has a waking life. The two sides exist in tandem and they are joined together like Siamese twins. Even those who do not remember their dreams have this twin life. We all have our own unique wakeful reality and our own unique dream reality.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual Reality became known under labels like artificial reality or digital reality.  What it does is create a reality for humans who are sensing digital information via artificial transfer, and therefore creating a responsive reaction in us that reaching us through our senses. You may only be a passive receptor in this process as your senses are tricked to react to it. Through this it creates experiences for you which might seem to be real but ultimately are only virtually real but not real in your actual environment. With the incorporation of the so-called real time interactivity, real experiences can be mimicked even closer due to the flexible way our brain operates. Our brain attempts to makes up the missing parts in the virtual reality. Developers are continuing to get closer and closer to filling this gaps in the technology, but still have a long way to go in linking virtual reality to actual reality.

There are many Game Developers and Movie Studios cooperating in developing 3D and 4D virtual realities but they all agree that as of yet they are only in the early stages of this development. According to Michael Abrash, one of the developers of Oculus Rift, the perfecting of this technology will take decades; today we are only standing with one foot on the trail, virtual reality systems today are only in their embryonic stages. The specialists and developers have made it quite clear that people expecting too much from this new technology will be disappointed since these developments are not capable to fulfill such expectations like the ones we can see in sci-fi movies today.

What is Dream Reality Cinema?

The new Dream Reality Cinema (DRC) is an audiovisual bio-cybernetic program. It appeared on the 2015 market as a fully developed invention and an exclusive service utilizing the most up-to-date technological tools which deliver a strong, long lasting effect. It has absolutely nothing to the with the previously described virtual reality. It doesn’t provide 3D experiences or interactivity, it doesn’t give a story or unique effects, it doesn’t transfer a ready-made, new world either.  Rather it targets a completely different area in the individual with its seemingly simple but in fact complex cinematic atmosphere and graphic content. It has been designed to guide the users in a finely calibrated manner to a real world, to their own renewed and rejuvenated dream reality.

Just like our wakeful reality, our dream reality is also n-dimensional. However in our usual awake state we only consciously sense 3D as opposed to the number of dimensions we are able to use in our dreams: n Ds.  That is to say we may be able to consciously sense many dimensions. This conscious sense of perceiving these dimensions can be further developed with DRC and under its effect increasingly more and more dimensions are become accessible. This opens up not only new horizons in our imagination but also in the dream reality which expands the real waking life as well. Sándor Lengyel, the inventor of Dream Reality Cinema named his invention Dream Reality Cinema precisely because he wanted to tell us not only that it is through the lens of a film that we are unconsciously being taught, but also to remind us of its effects which we will receive as a result of using it. This cinema introduces the guest to the conscious use and development of dream reality.


The Sanctuary of Relaxation

The tools needed and used with this new method have been selected from among the latest technological innovations.

The DRC Video Glasses

With the unique 3D glasses used by DRC, our films may be watched in 3D because this modern technology tricks our minds by mimicking stereo vision. It is even capable of making 3D games appear in 3D. Its capabilities expand so far as to sense our head movements with an specific extension.  This small device measures the turning and pivoting of the head to a extremely high level of precision. In PC games this is what makes the players capable of looking around in a 3D scene by a slight movement of their heads.

However in DRC these functions are consciously abandoned. Due to the special background technology of DRC it is not possible or even desired by it’s creator to use 3D technology for dream reality. Sándor Lengyel adds to this that there will never be any 3D or other virtual reality dream reality movies because it would completely destroy the effect necessary to develop human dreaming.

What is utilized from these sophisticated video glasses’ capabilities is that with its help it seems as if the movie is being played on a huge movie canvas at a two meter distance from the viewer.  This effect is achieved by the small LED screens inside the glasses. The other unique feature of these glasses is that people who need corrective eyeglasses are able to see the movies directly: the focus of the built-in lenses may be changed between -5 to +2 diopters.

The Headphones of DRC

We use market leading headphones made by using high quality materials and coating. It is lightweight and the ear-cups rotate in order to achieve a secure, comfortable fit to the ears. The headband sits closer to your head, with luxurious suede-like material underneath for extra comfort. Advanced noise reduction technology and unique electronics reduce what you don’t want or need to hear. Even the ear cushions give you an extra level of quiet by sealing out some of the world around you. Many of the designing engineers are musicians, with a passion for sound and effects. So when you wear these headphones, you’ll hear ringing guitars, soaring vocals as the chorus kicks in, deep bass and crisp drums as they drive the beat forward.

Interesting Tidbits

Nobody so far has been able to examine dreaming and the processes in connection with it in such a way as DRC.

Through our invention and approach to Dream Meditation some interesting facts about dreaming has been reported by individual  movie watchers undergoing the program.  Certain problems unsolvable with other methods seemingly disappeared with DRC. We have found that people dream in a multitude of different ways. Some completely conscious, others totally unable to recollect their night’s dreams only to have them surface with image throughout the day. There are those who are yet to experience colors or shapes in their dreams. No consistent dream stories have ever appeared in their dreams. DRC has helped in solving these problems and taught our guests to dream more vividly and consciously. We also found through our results that most people complain of insomnia or tiredness during the day because of an inability to remember their dreams.

The dream reality helped us solve these and other problems and answered questions easily and efficiently.  In order to achieve this, our guests have to repeat the dream meditation program 5-10 times. Through the repetition of this process, our guests were totally surprised whilst they slept and were able to dream consciously at night. DRC is like any other meditations or yoga where the more you practice the more results you see. Once you make a conscious decision to start, you start to understand and feel why you should never stop, newer and newer surprises are always waiting for you. The suggested optimal frequency in DRC to achieve uninterrupted progress is the same as it is in any other method: 3-4 times a week.

You’ll need private, free time in order to be able to progress.

You may have unbounded complete freedom in your dreams if you learn to direct them. This freedom however does require special conditions. A clear head or better to say a clear mind so you can become alert and focus so you can reach it the consciousness to achieve Dream Reality.

It can be called conscious dreaming or lucid dreaming or dream yoga or dream meditation.  It all relates to conscious development. Many schools give different names to the development of the individual: yoga, Tao, the path of knowledge, the way of the warrior, the expert operational system and so on and so forth. The practical successes gained through these will be completed in the art of dreaming, in the meditations, in the retreats, and in the meetings. These different names mean incorporate many unique methods and techniques, however they all lead to the same goals of a lifelong development.