There are many types of classical meditation techniques. One could could spend a lifetime learning each different one. Added to the fact that these techniques can take years to fully understand and master. The differences between each meditation is the same as the differences between two sport disciplines; a good swimmer is not necessarily going to be a good runner, each discipline like each meditation requires practice.

Meditation Techniques from A to Z, work if you practice them

Every Meditation has two desired effects; a relaxing effect, resulting in harmony and balance, and a general developmental effect. Repetition of a single meditation is recommended at least once daily and /or even more frequently if you can. Meditations vary in length from a few minutes to several hours at a time. The masters are able to meditate for months at a time and some meditations require that focus and commitment.  Research shows that the acquisition and practice of a meditation technique causes positive changes in a person. The repetition of the meditation is what causes personal movement forward as each time the meditation is practiced a new experience is had. It would be pointless to ask how long do you need to practice? Or when would be a good time you can stop meditating? As each time you meditate, different skills are acquired.

Many people think that they are not able to meditate or simply do not want to do it. Many equate meditation with religion. There are others who believe that just practicing one technique makes them know all other kinds of meditations.  Or other approaches to meditation would not offer them something new or different. Something deeper.  These beliefs and opinions are the wrong way to approach meditation and its benefits.

Everyone can agree that meditation has a positive effect. There is no meditation that is a good fit for one person but not recommended for another.  Any form of meditation can hold positive benefits for everyone, it all depends in what you are seeking. There are similar opinions regarding dreaming and daydreaming.  Is this a form of meditation? How can it be useful to our lives?

Dream Yourself into the Life You Want

What happens when we actively link meditation to dreaming? Can we ask our brain to achieve a conscious task when dreaming? Can someone do this immediately without any experience in meditation?

Linking meditation to the dream state is possible but like any practice it takes time and focus.  Conscious tasks can be achieved in the dream state and for some people it can be experienced immediately but it is important to remember that with continual practice comes the ability to remember certain skills with consciousness.

When we give the brain a task and ask it to dream while awake, the body as a result becomes still, it is exactly like dreaming while asleep. Except now the brain knows that it is dreaming, it is conscious of the task, of the direction you have given it, because it is awake. As we continuously keep its attention, we even can control it. This is difficult to achieve when meditating; to focus where you need to, not let your mind wonder, and to not give up the focus and fall asleep. Practice can help with difficulties of focus but still the mind may wonder. The brain may still judge and criticize as it attempts to process something into a logic.  It may start to compartmentalize an image into it’s memory bank, get confused and scared, say ‘no’ and finally give up.  The brain wants to understand what is useful information and what is not.  The brain and ego do a lot of work in determining what is needed for survival and what is concerned useless.

Dream Reality Cinema consciously solved this Gordian knot. We explored the reasons why most people living today do not meditate or if they have experienced meditation, take a break from it, sometimes for years. How do we solve this?  With DRC you experience Dream Meditation with your eyes open. The film provides you with a precisely engineered brain-regenerating program, which develops natural processes in the brain. Unlike other forms of meditation, we guide you through the meditation. All you need to do is be willing to allow your consciousness to play. What does this mean? The brain can freely decide what to do and where to take itself, it can freely chose where to take you in your dreams. It can behave naturally and unrestricted because nothing forces it to behave otherwise, not even you.

The Dream Reality Cinema opens the gates that you may have closed.  These gates may have be shut because of fear, exhaustion or simply because you have forgot how to ‘want’ something. Desire can be explored freely in Dream Meditation and we can unlock parts of ourselves that we may have decided were wrong or impenetrable. Locking yourself in does not lead anywhere good; moreover, to open up, a key is not what is required, something else is, a different way of perceiving reality. It is something that often cannot be found, it can’t be forced or directly approached but rather it is unlocked in a more abstract way, a willingness to use another part of yourself to obtain the answer. A different reality, the dream reality.

Do you enter the ‘Matrix’?

Some of us struggle to find a way for ourselves to be free again, to be open and adventurous like we were as children.  The ‘Matrix’ is the idea of conscious dreaming and the ability to transfer what is learned in our dreams into our wakeful lives. The DRC will teach you the ability to dream consciously. It continues to work on you even when you may feel you are drifting away and falling asleep. Through this ability it affects the brain differently than regular meditations. It directs your attention towards a dream state, a state where we can perceive different dimensions. The images, sounds and the directional choices, profoundly affects your senses and provides you with a much stronger forward force than the simple sounds of any various relaxation materials. All of this said, you can still enter a meditative state.

It can teach everyone this state of being. It works to give you the tools to enter and control the dream reality. In essence, it develops within you the requirements necessary for this state, which you first begin to use spontaneously and randomly then later in a more and more planned fashion.

It is important to remember that you are not learning any new technique, but acquiring information that sparks our skills at our inception. The ability to consciously dream. This is what you get from the Dream Reality Cinema. What you once had, you no longer have to learn, you just have remember how to use it.  You just need to practice and experiment on yourself, so that you can figure out all of its new possibilities, harness its benefits and become prepared for it. You will understand all this later. That any other road to learn this skill would be long and arduous. Dream Reality Cinema makes it easy and pleasurable.

Imagine Yourself on this Island of Peace

Often, meditation was practiced through imaginary exercises where participants were asked to create illustrations in their minds of a calm lake, clouds and a clear blue sky. A common mistake here was that meditators all thought of the same, static images of lifeless and artificial worlds, worlds unable to change. Consequently, participants had difficulty bringing intensity into the experience, so many of them gave up or got bored of these sessions quickly. Only through long, obstacle-filled training can you be led to the world of real imagination, the dream reality.

This is only true in the case of Western Wellness, but not of the ancient Eastern schools of meditation. These schools have long traditions and a great history, where the students not only meditate, but in daily 24-hour processes they build characters, help identify their missions and their relationships with the universe.

If instead of having participants simply draw primitive little images in their minds, we simply just inspire their brains to work creatively. Then very quickly, we will start to see the kind of results that they could only dream of.

A lot of information is transferred directly from the DRC movie to you and becomes a reality within you. Things that you felt must have been missing from somewhere in you for a long time. The film, we believe, is the most effective way of transmitting that lost information in you, leading your mind towards realization, not just relaxation and calmness.

DRC Dream Film, the Brain’s Cinema, Brain Quakes…

Here, in DRC you will not receive a complete story. You will have to put that together yourself.   We will communicate with you through the language of the brain, which you have to learn and become conscious of.  We do not argue with your ego.  The ego is to often used in our lives as our decision maker and here we work towards something deeper. We do know that on your first or second visit your ego may still interfere with the process and even criticize and judge the film. This will occur only temporarily. It only means that certain chaotic parts of yourself are breaking through the surface, and they will just evaporate out of you like geysers. Any detail of the movie that makes you question it will smooth out and you won’t even remember what it was that bothered you in the first place. Until then expect small “earthquakes” to happen within you. Small miracles of change.

Say Hello to the Real World!

DRC has such a strong effect on both your dreams and your ability to realize these dreams, that in a short time it will teach you the consciousness of dreaming and what you need to realize your dreams. You can dream and live more realistically if your dreams reveal where your path to happiness lies. More accurately, with the help of DRC it is your perception of the world that can become clearer and less limited. These limitations we realized are created by insufficient thoughts and knowledge. A restricted use of the mind.

DRC will not make you something that you are not, a talent won’t appear where there was none, but instead, you can become more capable of what you are already. A thing you felt you could have been able to do but had not yet come to realize, something you felt if only you had known about you could have started its practice. Meaning, sometimes the feeling of helplessness and the fear of failure prompts false thoughts and a wrong sense of purpose inside you. Without these false ideas, you would have fewer dead ends on the path towards reaching your goals.

DRC connects your wakeful and dream fantasies within you. It gets you going without draining you. Reenergizes you but does not exhaust you. It gives you a specific experience that does not just simply entertain you. It teaches you to have an active and independent consciousness instead of being a passive follower of someone or something. It increases your creativity, improves your memory and makes you stronger as you work towards accomplishing your goals. You will see all of this for yourself and much more once you begin your journey through DRC!